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Be rest assured that every rental vehicle from Direct Car Rentals Ltd. will offer the best features to fulfill your transportation needs at the right rates for your budget. Before renting a vehicle with us, please take a look at our terms and conditions so you understand the details about vehicle insurance, driver responsibilities, and cancellation fees.

  • Mandatory vehicle insurance is US $10.00 a day to cover any damages that may occur to the vehicle while you are leasing it. The deductible/excess is US $500.00.
  • Extended Protection insurance (without deductible) is also available at additional cost to drivers 30 – 65 years old if any property damage or bodily injury occurs to a third-party while you are renting a vehicle.
  • All drivers must be 25 – 75 years of age, and have had a valid driver’s license for 5 or more years. Drivers 75-80 years of age must have a recent TYPED letter from their doctor certifying fitness to drive to be able to rent a vehicle from Direct Car Rentals Ltd.
  • A visitors’ permit is required by law and can be issued by our representatives for US $5.00 each (no VAT) on delivery of your vehicle.
  • Child car safety seats are available at US $5.00 a day to protect your child.
  • 2 drivers are permitted at no additional charge. If you wish to add other drivers to the rental agreement, there will be an additional charge of US $5.00/day per driver.
  • All rates are quoted in US Dollars and are subject to 17,5% VAT.
  • Same day cancellation fee is US $100.00.

Please read over all terms and conditions before making a reservation with Direct Car Rentals Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please contact our office during normal business hours of Monday – Saturday at 8:00am to 4:30pm at (246) 420-6372.